Paul was a very strong teacher of Christology and the New Creation.

His Philippians and Colossians epistle contain very high Christo-centric materials including a poetical incarnation of Christ and the mystery of Godliness (Christ in Human form),  Colossians yet contains the exaltation of Christ.

But Yet.

He teaches very practical lessons on humility using the incarnation of Christ.

He models Timothy and Epaphroditus as examples.

He urged Euodia and Syntyche in Phil 4:2 to agree with each other in the Lord.

He acknowledged the financial  offering of the saints and releases a personal Apostolic blessings on those who gave to him.

He extols the believer on what to think on which is very practical and straightforward.


In Summary

  1. Theology must have a working point.
  2. You must have sound Theological teachings and find a point of connection and application.
  3. You have to develop Biblical practical teachings that are applicable by the saints. Yet the ultimate focus is the death,  burial and resurrection of Jesus.
  4. In between your teachings you can find a place to rebuke, admonish and correct the saints... Paul could have ignored the quarrel going on the in the church but he addressed it.

May God raise more sound and balance teachers of His Word.



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