LOYALTY IN MINISTRY – The Test of Loyalty Part 2

LOYALTY IN MINISTRY – The Test of Loyalty Part 2

LOYALTY IN MINISTRY – The Test of Loyalty Part 2


As I said in part one Loyalty is a big deal in life and ministry, but this is targeted at ministers and those in Ministry. One of the biggest tests is that of familiarity when people become familiar with you, the truth is they might see your weakness, failures, and sometimes your moments of frailty and discouragement. This is one of the biggest tests of loyalty, to know all of this about a man and still hold him in high esteem.

I must clarify here that I am not just talking of ‘covering a leader” who is in sin in blind loyalty, Paul says imitate me as I imitate Christ (1 Cor.11: 1), sometimes it is easier to be loyal to the man who is on television, who has 20 protocol than the leader who gives you access to be close to him.

Proximity and familiarity would test loyalty on another level that distance would not test. And we find this in the life of David, he remained loyal to Saul, a man who had anger/Jealousy and wanted to kill him and walked passed the opportunity to kill him. (2 Sam 1: 14, 1 Sam 26: 9). There cannot be loyalty without honour.

This is the test of loyalty many fail when they leave a ministry, it is possible to leave a ministry, local church, and Pastor and still maintain a heart of honour.

Would you pass the familiarity test?

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Be Blessed.


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