In my few years pastoring, one of my greatest heart’s desires has been for people who are I taught the word to experience a supernatural increase in their lives. Over time, the emphasis has been on “financial prosperity” alone and this has led to the demonstration of materialism and covetousness among some believers.

If we are not careful, it would create resentment towards the subject of prosperity and increase. I have
read about many sad occurrences of people who drowned while swimming, including in private
swimming pools.

This has not deterred people from swimming and enjoying the fun associated with this.
On the other hand, precautions and safety measures are put in place to prevent the re-occurrence of such sad

From the scriptures, we know it is God’s will that His children experience increase. On the other hand, we
have seen so many believers live below this expectation. It’s important to highlight this, we cannot teach
financial prosperity and increase in the body of Christ properly without also emphasizing strongly that this
should not be the overriding reason why people become born again.

The ultimate reason Jesus came is for the salvation of humanity, to save us from our depravity and sinful
nature. To overemphasis prosperity at the detriment of growing into the Christ-like image (and have put on the
new self who is being renewed to a true knowledge according to the image of the One who created him—Colossians 3: 10, NASB) and nature is to cause harm and raise a breed of covetous and materialistic Christians. These are very important boundaries to create as we study the subject of prosperity and increase.

In experiencing increase, the emphasis within the body of Christ has been on giving; tithes and offering.
Absolutely yes! There is a place for giving and spirit-led generosity as commanded in the scriptures. Yet, I
believe there are fundamental missing links besides giving which if put in place can enable us to experience
the increase God has planned for us.

My prayer is that this book will stir you into the fullness of God’s blessings for your life and that the Spirit of
increase will rest on you and your house in the days ahead. May the LORD give you increase, You and your children – Ps 115: 14

Maxwell E. Ogaga.

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