The call to ministry first and foremost is a call to a sacred duty of proclaiming and teaching God’s word. Especially in the 21st century, if there is something we have to be wary of and guard against is making ministry look like showmanship or almost like a celebrity movement or status.

The sacred task of preaching, teaching and healing must be carried out in line with God’s word and God’s standards.

The call to ministry (any of the five-fold – Ephesians 4: 11) offices or ministry of helps, is a call to serve God and serve His people. The heart of ministry must be service in line with the word and will of God.

And once we have identified this calling, the next and most important step for us is to remain faithful to the call.

While talking about ministry and ministers during a school chapel service in September 2020, Chuck Swindoll of Dallas Theological Seminary said “Following through to the end is the purpose of our calling. Seize the ministry, do not play with it, no matter how long God calls you, no matter where He calls and what He has called you to do”. This must be our heart desire and heart cry in the ministry, to stay faithful to God and to the call.

Faithfulness can be cultivated, you can decide to be faithful just as you can also become unfaithful in the ministry. But God’s desire is for you to be faithful.

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